Several years ago, we became interested in emergency and general preparedness for our family. The number of items you can buy along with the number of companies wanting to sell those things seems unlimited and, like you, we discovered the quality, practicality, and actual needs in an emergency plan varies greatly. 

We believe in a practical approach to preparedness which involves making an honest risk assessment for your family and business. You can get wrapped up in countless scenarios to prepare for, but the reality is making practical preparations will cover a good many possibilities. We work directly with other families and groups in the area of emergency preparedness. Being prepared is not being paranoid; it's prudent.  

RMR was launched to provide those who are taking the steps necessary to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies with practical, affordable, and quality equipment.  At RMR, we sell only items we own, actually use, or have researched to the point of being confident that if one of our family members are faced with an emergency the equipment they have or could purchase through RMR will work when it counts. Like you, the safety of our family comes first and we will not have them without unreliable equipment.

As RMR grows, we will do so with the needs of our customers foremost in mind.

Rocky Mountain Readiness is proud to be official dealers for:

AR500  Body Armor

Berkey Water Filter/Purification Systems

Augason Farms - Emergency/Everyday Foods

CWR Electronics

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