If you ask the average person who needs body armor the likely response is the police and military. Those, of course, are correct as police and military face deadly threats and body armor enhances their chances of defeating those threats. Few people will mention the home owner as someone who can benefit from owning body armor, but in the real world the home owner can face the same deadly threat as our police and military.

Almost everyone I know has made the decision to exercise their Constitutional right to self-defense and will defend their homes and those they care about. But, what does that actually mean? In the simplest of terms, they will meet a deadly threat that has forcibly entered their home which at that moment puts that home owner in the same position as a police officer or military member facing a threat.

I am blessed to live where I do. It’s a place of near un-paralleled beauty, unlimited outdoor activities, and is considered a place free from many of the realities of larger cities where crime comes with expanded populations. However, even in this safe city there are over 100 break-ins every week and each of those is a potential violent encounter.

The idea of a homeowner protecting their families is more than noble, it is their duty. It is an inalienable right. Americans embrace that duty, they have purchased the right tools and they practice with those tools to become safe and proficient because they understand the responsibility that comes with that right and decision to exercise it. They train to gain an edge if the unthinkable where to occur and their families are faced with a deadly threat entering their home. At that moment, they understand the implications of the phrase, “the police are minutes away” and in those minutes when they truly are on their own they need every edge in protecting themselves and their families.

Rocky Mountain Readiness is proud to be an AR500 body armor dealer. We know the right of self-defense is everyone’s and everyone should obtain the tools needed to defend their homes and those they care about. AR500 body armor is a defensive tool which enhances the ability to come through the worst moments imaginable. You are your own first responder and having the right tools increases the chances of a favorable outcome. Armor is now affordable costing far less than other tools homeowners choose in the defense of their family and should be considered as part of every home defense plan.

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