When we talk to people about emergency preparedness the conversation almost always turns immediately to, “What gear and supplies do I need”? That’s a natural direction for the discussion to go as shelter, water, security, and food are on everyone’s mind either during or in preparing for an emergency.

While RMR is in the business of providing emergency and preparedness equipment and supplies, we always stress the importance of training for each member of your family or team in the basic skills required to successfully manage an emergency.

Basic first aid training is critical for each member of your family and at least one adult member should consider taking an advanced course. People like to say, "When seconds count the police are minutes away', well, so is EMS.  At least one person of your family or team should be familiar with treating more serious wounds than the basic first aid course will prepare you for. In a medical emergency, as with any crisis, you are your own first responder and the actions you initially take may well save the life of someone you care about. That is as true in your home as it is 20 miles from anywhere.  

One thing many people forget is by having just one member of the family responsible for all areas of preparedness they may be leaving another family member unprepared to handle serious situation. Parents, you are not always with your son or daughter and accidents can occur at anytime and anywhere.

There is another bit of training many people neglect even as it is an area where one mistake can cause serious injury to someone they care about. Americans, in great numbers, exercise their right to self-defense and purchase, as is their right, the tools to do so and for many those tools include firearms. Every firearms owner believes they are safe in handling their weapon and are confident in their ability to use them effectively, but training for a good number of firearms owners is going to the range once a year, firing a few rounds in the direction of the target, and then going home believing they can now handle a threat and use and store their weapons safely. Unfortunately, that is not enough as only through proper and constant training can the required steps of firearms safety and using them effectively become second nature. In every town, there are great instructors running local businesses who have firearms safety and training as a passion. One example in our area is Colorado Boots Firearms Instruction and Training located in Black Forest, Colorado. Find one near you.

Remember, you can have the best medical bag in the world, or the finest firearm, own the greatest survival gear money can buy, but unless you are trained effectively in how to use all that gear it’s of little use under the extreme stress of an emergency when your life and those you care about are at stake.

Get trained, practice effectively, and repeat.

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