Hi, Sandy here with Southern Readiness,
                                                                    I wanted to take this time to thank everybody who visited with us at our first Meet the Brand BBQ we had down here in Clearwater, FL. It was a nice turnout, amazing food, (thanks Chef Jessie) and a huge thank you to our hosts, Rob & Lisa at the Grindhaus Brew Lab. If you are ever in Clearwater, please look em up and tell em Sandy sent you, some of the best small batch brewed beer you will find!!! 

     So, this week hurricane season kissed my little area of the world good-bye with one last super quick storm; not a hurricane by any means, and it blew through the area in less than an hour and caused a lot of damage and power outages. Just a little hour long storm. I had friends who lost power for a few days, damage to roofs, carports, etc.We were fortunate and just had some tree limbs blow down, but, as always, I think about how I have prepared and what I still need to be ready for.

First thing I thought of is to check my renter's insurance or homeowners if you are an owner. You should review your coverage every year. Things change,  you buy more things, you may have upgraded some of your electronics, etc.  Maybe you own a home business and have inventory you keep on hand, are you covered for that???   Check into that before you really need the coverage and discover that you aren't as protected as you thought. 

My next thought is knowing how to perform simple first aid on yourself and others.  Do you have a first aid kit, or are you like I was, have a box of plastic bandages and some first aid cream???   Have you taken a CPR class or a first aid course???  A lot of places give free or cheap classes that could literally save the life of one of your loved ones. I implore you to learn CPR, get your kids certified in CPR and first aid, because it doesn't even have to be a storm or emergency, accidents happen all the time. Get a decent first aid kit, and include blood clotting items and a tourniquet. I hope you never have to use it, but if you do, you will be soooo glad you have the equipment and training needed to possibly save a life.  Rocky Mountain Readiness has a wide variety of first aid kits that are practical and affordable.  We even have first aid kits for pets.  Even if you don't buy from us, please, please get a decent kit in your home and vehicle.. And please learn CPR and basic first aid. Literally, someone's life may depend on it.

And, as always, Stay Southern Strong and Rocky Mountain Ready!!!


- Sandy is the South East regional director and LEO liaison for Rocky Mountain Readiness and heads up our Florida division through Southern Readiness.

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