We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with US Law Shield in Colorado to provide our customers with 24/7 access to top quality legal representation in the event you are forced to use force in defending yourself or your family with any legal weapon required. Most of us train and think though the how to's of personal defense, but far too few think through the aftermath of actually having to do so.  If you are in the Colorado Springs area, you are invited to our full US law Shield Seminar at 2 PM on 7 May, 2017 at 4855 Mallow Rd (CSCS), Colorado Springs where a legal expert along with law enforcement professionals will educated you about your rights and what to expect if you ever have to defend yourself or your family.

Why do you need coverage? A recent Colorado example; a young man of 19 was legally carrying a weapon when stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation. The officer noticed the legally carried weapon and ordered the young man out of the car and on to the ground. Terrified, the driver begged to be able to call his mom and the officer allowed it. The mom told her son to call US Law Shield and a lawyer answered immediately and notified the officer he was wrong. The officer responded that it might be the law the young man is right, but "that's not how we do things here in XXXX county." The US Law Shield attorney informed the officer of the trouble that could bring and the young man was given the ticket for the moving violation and set free. Without US Law Shield that young man was going to jail for no reason. His mom later said it was the best $10.95 a month she ever spent.

US Law Shield now covers over 200,000 citizens. Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a member:

24/7/365 Hotline

Immediate access to your independent program attorney if you use your firearm or other legal weapon in self-defense. Immediate legal counsel is critical in preserving your rights.

Gold Dollar Blue Circle

Zero Attorneys' Fees

Your independent program attorney will defend you in both criminal and civil trials, including appeals, for ZERO attorneys' fees. No caps, no limits, no deductibles.

Scales And Gun


From in-person workshops, to gun law updates, our members have access to an unparalleled legal library.

For more information, contact Don @ don@rockymountainreadiness.com and we can also sign you up today.

Bad things do happen to good people. Join us on 7 May or contact us today.




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