Hey, Sandy here from Southern Readiness. I hope everyone is healthy and recovering from the lock down and staying safe during the transition we are all experiencing.

     This unprecedented chain of events that the world has and IS going through has taught many lessons and oddly enough, many folks discovered blessings they may not have known they had. 
     To add to this unusual time in our lives, we have hurricane, tornado and wildfire season quickly approaching. Find an opportunity to inventory your emergency kits for wherever you may live to keep you prepared for whatever madness life has in store.
     The four main components, at least for me, are food, shelter, security, and medical supplies.
     June 1st starts hurricane season for us here in my beautiful sunshine state... I will take time this weekend to check my supplies and re-stock what may be expired or you may have used during this latest crisis.
Check the dates on your emergency food. There are some emergency food suppliers that may not be able to provide what you have always gotten in the past. You may need to re-evaluate what you can get and where you get it from. Clean water is an absolute MUST for any emergency. Find what type of water storage works for you and the space you have.
     Have supplies on hand to make repairs to your shelter as needed. Plywood to board windows or duct tape for them. Equipment you may need to remove downed trees, assuring that power lines aren't down with them. A generator if you can, if not, plenty of batteries, power sources or solar if that works for your area.
Security can be interpreted many ways. Your property is locked away and safe, or ways to safeguard you and yours from nefarious entities.  Whether that is body armor, weapons, a good security system or great guard dog, like my French Bulldog,  Bacon...(haha)
     Check you medical kits, make sure you have enough supplies and medications for you, your family and your pets. You may need to check shelters to see if they take pets if you are in an evacuation area .Also, learn more than one evacuation route. One route may be closed or overcrowded, so if you know back roads to take safely, then that may work better.
     This is just a short list of what I hope can help you and yours. But, if I have learned anything from this latest emergency, be fluid and be ready to substitute some items for what you may be used to. You may have to adapt to situations and make them work to your advantage the best you can. Check on each other, help those who need it, even if sometimes they may not deserve it in your mind.
      Also, as we all adapt to life as we know it today, please keep this in mind, some folks will wear masks and some won't. Whatever side you choose, don't criticize or show disdain or hate to the other. If there is a store that requires a mask, and you choose not to wear one, then just go to another store.  If you are somewhere that masks are optional, then don't sweat someone who is or isn't wearing one. Just be you and let others be themselves. Masks are NOT worth fighting over.
Thank you for reading and remember, Stay Southern Strong and Rocky Mountain Ready.

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