I have never been someone who took vitamin supplements. I've always been in good health and really didn't see the need until I seriously started to really look at my emergency food stores and how much it will be strained in a crisis. I've found the answer.

  Under added stress and more than normal physical excursion that is very likely to occur in an emergency not only does the amount of calories you'll need increase, but the food we have may not provide all the critical vitamins the body must have as it works harder. In an emergency, you may be eating less as you work through the first critical stages of a crisis. Your sleep will be disrupted and your MRE's or food storage may not contain all the vitamins you need or maybe used to getting through your normal diet. A crisis will upset your "normal". No matter if you are bugging out or sheltering in place, you'll need extra care and help in maintaining your endurance.

  Vitamin supplements seemed to be the key in getting through those first critical days and a requirement in a longer term crisis scenario. There seems to be an unlimited number of supplement brands you can buy, but I wanted something formulated to meet the bodies needs in a crisis. I found SurvivaGuard and it looked to have everything you need and more giving it an added edge over other brands  as it's made specifically for those times when you really need to function at your best. I tried it.

  Now, I felt pretty good anyway so after taking it for a week, I still felt great. For a better test, my wife was complaining for weeks of being tired and having no energy. I had her take SurvivaGuard and in a few days she felt better and by the end of the week said what ever was causing her to be tired was not longer present. She felt good. Is that a great scientific study? No, but as we changed nothing else but adding SurivaGuard, we have to say it worked for us and we have added it to, not only our food storage, but our go bags, and it is now part of our everyday routine.

   You'll need supplements to your diet in a crisis, so why not get the brand made especially for that circumstance? Try it and make it part of your everyday routine. The most important tools you'll have in an emergency are your mind and your body. Take care of both now, so getting through whatever comes will be that much easier.

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