Many of you ordered the DotPro 320 filter in response to the current crisis. Last week, the Russian government passed a law banning the export of the filters and confiscated our shipments at the border as part of their response to this crisis.

We know you came to us trusting we would supply you with these items in a time of uncertainty. As a company, we had a decision to make. We could refund the purchase price of those who ordered the filters and leave them with nothing or provide a much better and much more expensive upgraded filter.

Rocky Mountain Readiness was established as an emergency preparedness company and we fully understand that without the trust of our customers we have no business. As this is a worldwide emergency, we have decided to provide the upgraded NBC-77 SOF’s, one of the best NBC filters on the market, to everyone with a current back order with us. This is being done at no cost to the customer. We are working with MIRA Safety to get these out as quickly as possible.

We wish to thank everyone who has done business with us in the past and during this current event.

Rocky Mountain Readiness

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