Everyone has items they carry every day. Most fit in our pockets, wallets, or purses. Those with a preparedness mindset know that everyday carry is more than a wallet and keys. Emergencies can and do happen at any time, anywhere and the gear you have with you at that moment can determine how you overcome the emergency.

At Rocky Mountain Readiness, we believe everyone should have a bag with them at all times, either with you or at least in your vehicle. Your kids should have one with them at school. That bag should include those items you will need if your vehicle breaks down and you have to walk a distance. It may be scenario where vehicle travel becomes impossible (civil disturbance or weather event as examples) and you have to get home on foot. Perhaps, an emergency forces you to shelter in place at work or away from home. Basic first aid items should always be included. Some people include light weight armor to turn their backpack into a protective system in the event of an active murderer (I don’t like “active shooter” as anyone who practices their 2nd Amendment rights is an “active shooter”) situation occurs. In these situations or the several more going through your mind right now, you or those you care about will need more gear than just that wallet and keys. Everyone needs a bag, but the type of bag is a key consideration. You want to carry it, you want your kids to carry it, and so it has to fit the situation.

Sometimes tactical isn’t practical. Your teenagers might well understand the need to carry a few extra items, but if the bag doesn’t look right to them, they won’t carry it. That fashion decision to not carry a bag may hamper a successful outcome for them in an emergency. In a civil disturbance or any of the “collapse” scenarios, blending in when on the move can be critical and a tactical bag can draw unwanted attention.  It for this reason when we looked for bags to offer our customers, we knew the selections had to be practical, well made to work well in emergency and for everyday use, and had to be stylish enough to actually be carried every day. We also knew there are times when tactical is practical.

For the reasons above, we chose to partner with “Serbags” out of California to provide the quality, functionality, and looks in a verity of backpacks and bags to meet those everyday carry and emergency needs as they are one in the same.

Rocky Mountain Readiness ships all items free with orders over $50.00. See our selections for your emergency/ever day carry needs @ Backpacks and Bags

Be prepared and ready.

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