The Denver Post reports the towns of Widefield, Fountain and Security just south of Colorado Springs have their water supplies contaminated with PCF’s at levels 20 times higher than the EPA allows. PCF’s are manmade compounds that cannot be removed by boiling water prior to use. This impacts 80,000 residents and is a long term problem.

PCF contamination now impacts over 62 communities across the country. The Denver Post article says, “These perfluorinated chemicals rank among the worst in an expanding multitude of unregulated contaminants that federal scientists are detecting in city water supplies, including hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and anti-depressants. Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) don’t break down. Prolonged exposure to perfluorinated chemicals is linked to health harm: developmental damage to fetuses during pregnancy, low birth weight, accelerated puberty and distorted bones. The EPA advisory also linked the chemicals to kidney and testicular cancer, liver tissue damage, impaired production of antibodies and cholesterol changes.”

The EPA has measured PFCs exceeding the limit in 1 percent of 4,864 public water systems tested nationwide. That means more than 5 million Americans in 33 states regularly may be drinking water contaminated with perfluorinated chemicals.

Many residents have resorted to costly bottled water as their normal supply is now unsafe. Are there alternatives to bottled water for this long term problem? Perhaps there is according to the “Recommendation on Perfluorinated Compound Treatment Options for Drinking Water” New Jersey Drinking Water Quality Institute Treatment Subcommittee June 2015.

The report suggests residents can used filtration as a possible way to reduce PCF contamination.  Link to the report here .

Berkey water filters are one of the most effective on the market today. As a dealer for Berkey Water Purification Systems, I asked if the Berkey systems could help the residents in the impacted areas. This is the response, “Based on our knowledge and current testing, along with existing research by other organizations, it is our belief that PFC's will be reduced by the Black Berkey elements. However, since we do not yet have laboratory testing, we will not actually make this claim. We should have this testing completed soon.”

It is understandable Berkey will not make a claim without conclusive testing. When taking into account the effectiveness of the Berkey filter on a wide range of contaminates and the recommendation of the New Jersey Subcommittee on filtration,  Berkey’s belief their filters can help reduce PCF contamination seems justified.

After consideration of available data, if citizens impacted in our sister communities believe a Berkey system can help with their current situation, Rocky Mountain Readiness with offer a 15% discount to anyone with a Widefield, Fountain, or Security Colorado address. To further reduce their cost in this emergency, we will deliver free of charge.

See the Berkey line from Rocky Mountain Readiness here





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