When we began to look at prepping as a serious activity, we set a goal of having a years plus worth of food on hand for long term storage.  Understanding the need we wanted to do it all at once, but the all at once price tag gave us a bit of sticker shock even as the cost over the course of a year for the Auagson premium 1 year package is very affordable.  At the time, it wasn’t our best option.

Taking a step back, we realized we could obtain the goal through making smaller purchases at regular intervals. Combining this with buying a few extras every time we went shopping and we saw our food storage go from the few days most people have to being able to weather even very long term storms.

We made it a point to look for “deals” which are always out there. One deal is our own special offer for Augason's 6 each FD Meat Verity Pack in #10 Cans which usually sells for $299.99, but Rocky Mountain Readiness is offering it for the month of July for only $200.00 passing on a dealer only discount to our customers.  The point here is shopping around can pay off in big savings to help bolster your food stocks.

A thing to remember, if you haven’t yet taken the step to start storing food, is to consider the reasons it is necessary. An emergency doesn’t have to be the natural disaster or the collapse of the economy, it can be a loss of a job or family circumstances that otherwise tie up finances for an unexpected need. It could be a relative who needs help and having extra food on hand can help get through those rough times. A crisis that occurs just in your family is every bit the emergency to you as a regional wide emergency impacting 100s of 1000s.

There are tons of articles and papers on how much you need, but the important thing today is you do a little research and start to increase what you have on hand. Obtaining a little at a time adds up quickly and watching it add up gives you great piece of mind.

You can see all our food storage solutions here.

Being prepared isn’t paranoid; it’s prudent.

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