First, we had a great time at this year’s Self-Reliance Expo in Denver on the 4th and 5th of November. It was a pleasure to be featured as one of the events guest speakers and to talk to so many on survival gardening, the country’s best value and quality seed banks -Texas Ready Seeds Banks - and general preparedness.

The people who came through and stopped at our booth were knowledgeable, upbeat, and ready to get the items and information they needed to make sure their families were prepared. We are looking forward to next year’s show.

In helping everyone become more self-sufficient, Rocky Mountain Readiness is offering free shipping on all Texas Ready Seed banks. If you are a gardener, know someone who is, or someone who knows you must have quality seeds on hand in a long term emergency, Texas Ready is the perfect gift or foundation of your own garden.

Not all seeds are certified and many on the internet are not. Our growers and co-ops must provide a lab report certifying the quality of the seeds we buy every six months guaranteeing quality. In fact, Texas Ready has the highest germination rate in the industry at 96%.

Give a great gift or make sure the seeds you maybe depending on to feed your family in an emergency are the finest you can get. Texas Ready Seeds Banks come in several sizes from a two person bank to 20 or more. Check them all out @…/texas-ready-liberty-se…

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