Hi there!!  Sandy here, from Southern Readiness... 

As we all do, I was watching the news and the amount of sadness and evil that is in the world is like nothing in many of our lifetimes and this got me to thinking about two little words, "Get ready".  
Growing up, we heard it daily... Get ready for school, get ready for bed, get ready for church, get ready to go to (fill in the blank). As times have changed, "get ready" has a bit of a different meaning. For me personally, I now get ready for hurricane season, get ready for power outages, (they randomly happen here in beautiful and sunny Florida),get ready for awful drinking water (again, beautiful and sunny Florida),
and get ready for ANYTHING.
I urge each of you to make a plan for you and your family, and "Get Ready". It can be as simple as emergency power.  I travel in my vehicle alone A LOT. I always have carried jumper cables, but they only work if you have a 2nd car to connect them to.  There are times on the road when I don't see another vehicle for miles and miles. So, I upgraded to carrying a portable power pack that not only will jump start my vehicle without the assist of another car, but will charge my cell phone, my laptop, and even has a flashlight.  And it's super small, so it takes up very little room. I used it while I was camping a couple weeks ago, it was so easy to use and store... 
Another simple way to "get ready" is emergency food.  As I said, I travel, and my job keeps me away from my family, especially in an emergency or disaster, because I HAVE to be at work during these times.  Yes, you can count on PB&Js and snack cakes for your family, but a hot meal is welcome during tough times.  I have stocked up on "self heating" meals for my home and my gear bag for work. When things go badly, the simplest things can bring a moment of comfort. A warm meal is one of those things.
My last "get ready" thought for now is mentally prepare. What I mean by this is...
Don't dwell on the bad in the world and what could happen.  "Get Ready, just in case anything happens, but don't forget about all the good and beauty in the world and in your own personal life. It could be as simple as flowers popping up in the yard, as spring approaches, your kids giving you a hug, your pets climbing up in your lap and settling down for a little nap, or whatever puts a smile on your face.
Thank you for reading, and as always, Stay Southern Strong and Rocky Mountain Ready!!!
Note: Sandy is the Southeast regional director for Rocky Mountain Readiness and runs our Florida division through Southern Readiness. She also acts as LEO liaison having many years of experience as both a police dispatcher and as an active duty Deputy Sheriff.  

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