Living in Los Angeles, being prepared is not an option - just a question of "how prepared am I?". 

I have been looking for prepackaged meals for my automobile emergency kit - I needed something that would not spoil while in my trunk in the heat of the summer.  Knowing what LA traffic is like, and that a natural disaster is not unlikely I wanted to be sure I had some nourishment for the unexpected delay. The CHEF 5 Minute Meals 72 hr MRE is better than I imagined. 

To try it out, I decided to have the Chicken and Pasta for dinner one night in the comfort of my home.  The meal preparation was very easy and completely self contained.  Using the provided heat source, the food gets very hot very quickly.  I imagined an emergency situation and thought about how great it would be to have this at hand.  The Chicken and Pasta was delicious, and the rest of the options were pretty good including breakfast, lunch and snacks as well.

These are also a great alternative for camping and hiking.  The heat source remains hot even after the meal is warmed up, and could be used to heat additional food.  After this trial meal, I immediately added CHEF 5 Minute Meals to my emergency bag in my trunk.  This morning I drove from my home through downtown Los Angeles on the 10 freeway and then south on the 5.  As I gazed at the skyline, I felt satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that if something should happen - I have food!  Looking past the skyline to the mountains, I also started dreaming about my next camping trip and a hot meal enjoyed while kicking back at the campfire.

Thank you.

All the best,



Dr. Wendy Coulson, BS, PhD Chemical Engineering, UC San Diego, is the co-inventor of My Body Passport, a Partner, Terebinth Holdings, LLC, an avid traveler and adventurer.


Note: Always be aware of the shelf life of your food items in storage and evaluate serviceability.

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