The Siberian Chaga mushroom, which is botanically known as Inonotus obliquus, is also known by some other names which include the clinker polypore, the sterile conk trunk rot, black mass, cinder conk. Known to have its origin majorly from Siberia and some other parts of Africa. It is also sometimes found in other locations such as Northern Europe and Northern Canada. 

As a very popular plant type, the mushroom can be used in various substance forms such as grinding into a powder form and brewing as a form of herbal tea. It can also be used in other substance forms such as capsules or in can be used in combination with edible other mushroom types. 

However, Chaga mushroom does not have the most appealing outlook. It has the appearance of a wood-like growth which has a size of about 25-38 centimetres. This growth, known as a conk has an outer look of a burnt charcoal, while its inside being an orange color.

Why Siberian Chaga Mushroom?

The use of the Siberian Chaga is a very popular act, especially in its specific areas of origin. For centuries, individuals have resorted to its use as a means of boosting the body’s immunity and also the overall health of that individual since it is a known rich source of fibers and antioxidants and also a very low source of calories. 

Health Benefits Of The Siberian Chaga

The substance can be used in various forms to create the specific type of benefit needed by the users. Popular modes of use include in tea, and edible herbs form. Other means through which the Siberian Chaga mushroom can be used are in the form of capsules or Chaga tincture by which the herbs are infused with fruity flavors making it more edible for use.  The mushroom is known for its numerous health benefits to its users. Some of them include; 

Immunizing Effects

Inflammation is known as the body’s protective response to foreign bodies. Effects of long standing inflammation on the body can be very obvious including heart diseases and also certain arthritic conditions. Use of this mushroom helps in the resolution of inflammation and also can be the whole body cleanse.

The Siberian Chaga mushroom is known as one of the plants that aid in restoring the body back to its optimal state especially if there has ever been any previous incidence of morbidity. The Siberian Chaga mushroom plant is also known to have immune-regulating properties which aid in increasing the level of immunity of a body, this can be attributed to the high level of antioxidants contained in this plant, hence they help in protecting the body cells from free radicals that can prove quite harmful to the body. 

Blood cholesterol Benefit

The Chaga plant contains a specific substance called triterpenoids, this substance is a known immune-strengthening substance in the body which helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body and also help to increase the level of body resistance to disease.

Considering that the level of cholesterol in the body can increase the risk level of the occurrence of heart disease in an individual, Intake of the Chaga mushroom can, therefore, serve as an aid to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease in an individual. 

Effect on cancerous cells

The effect of the Siberian Chaga mushroom on cancerous cells can lead to a decrease in its growth. This can be attributed to the high level of antioxidant content that is found in the Chaga. This antioxidant is a mode of protection against the known oxidation reactions that come from damaging free radicals that are contained in cancerous cells. The mushroom is also known as a source of Beta-Glucans thereby helping the body system to recognize the presence of foreign cancerous cells as a result of its immuno-modulating properties. 

Effect on the blood sugar level

The Chaga plant can be used in the regulation of the blood sugar level of an individual which makes it a viable mode of treatment for sugar level management in individuals. Concluded studies were done on non- human subject, specifically rats and results showed a significant reduction in the level of blood sugar after intake of the substance.  As such, it is maybe used as an effective form of treatment against Diabetes. Therefore, it is considered as an alternative mode of diabetes treatment for humans. 

See Your Doctor First

It is however very important to note that the intake of the Siberian Chaga mushroom should not and cannot be replaced with a visit with your doctor. As such, before embarking on the use of this plant type or any herbal intake at all, you should endeavor to consult your physician for any symptoms presented by your body and also to discuss the dosage the intake of your Chaga mushroom with your doctor.


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