First off, I would like to say how very happy and excited I am to be a part of the Rocky Mountain Readiness team. I look forward to serving our clients and will work hard for each and every one of you.   
     "I want to do all I can to ensure the safety and security of my family and pets in case of any emergency." 
 Today, here in usually sunny Florida, we are having a cloudy, rainy day and it has me thinking about the upcoming hurricane season and how much more ready I want to be than in previous years. I have made a short list of needs that I want to make sure I can fill before the storms hit.  I want to do all I can to ensure the safety and security of my family and pets in case of any emergency. 

First is water; can't do much without it.  Last year, I bought a couple cases thinking that was enough. It wasn't. This year, I will be better prepared.  I am thinking long term water storage and a water purification system. I have purchased a Berkey system and look forward to sending honest reviews on how it works out for me and my family. Even without an emergency, Florida has water issues. Several times a year, you hear about areas being issued a "boil water" order, the Berkey will eliminate my family having to do that to have clean water. I have purchased a rain barrel for outside; why not use some of that free rainwater in the future when Florida drys out and my garden needs it.  I am also planning on getting a water storage system to use instead of buying so much bottled water... Just makes sense.

Next is food.  In a long term power outage food becomes a premium quickly;  Restaurants aren't open, store shelves are bare, and shelters could be full of people who need the same things you do. An emergency food kit is paramount to have before an emergency happens. Self heating MRE's and food that doesn't go bad can literally be a life saver. Solar ovens are also not only for camping, but are a good addition to any emergency plan.  And don't forget about your pets.  Have enough food for them, too. Speaking of pets, please make arrangements for them if you have to go to a shelter. Most places don't take pets, but many pet boarding facilities can help but you have to plan ahead. If you have to leave your pets behind due to an evacuation, please don't leave them outside. Make sure they have collars with tags on them, or are chipped, just in case they get lost. 

The next item on my list is power. This can range from a small power supply for cell phones and tablets, to solar panels that can store power to be used when you need it, all the way up to a generator to use on a larger scale. Please remember though most generators need fuel to run and those need to be placed outside the home for safety reasons.  Fuel can be very hard to come by in a disaster, so plan ahead.  If you are using a rechargeable power supply, make sure it has a full charge as soon as you hear of a possibility of a storm approaching your area.
    "Remember, emergency services may be suspended and help may not be able to get to you if you or your family are sick or injured". 
The last, but certainly not least thing on my short list is a medical bag and a go bag. A stocked medical kit is imperative to have even without an emergency.  Downed tree limbs, broken windows, tripping over your dog in the dark when the power goes out, (I speak from experience, hit my head on the counter, but don't worry, the dog was not harmed)  so many things can happen. From a simple bandage and ointment, to a tourniquet and medications, all these things go a long way to provide peace of mind for you and your family if an emergency arises. Remember, emergency services may be suspended and help may not be able to get to you if you or your family are sick or injured.  If you don't know CPR, learn. There are so many places to learn basic first aid and CPR and  It is easy and could save the life of someone you love. 

I highly recommend planning now; today.  If you have an emergency kit, bring it out, check expiration dates, make sure flashlights and batteries are in working order, etc. If you don't have a kit, it pays to do a little at a time, make of list of your priorities and what you think you and your family will need. Plan for a seven to ten day range of supplies.  Then start your plan. Buy a few things at a time, so it isn't so hard on the wallet. If you wait till an emergency happens, you may not even be able to find supplies no matter how much money you can spend. Also remember, that an emergency isn't always a big event, like a hurricane, snow storm or wildfire.  It can happen anywhere at anytime. So please make the plan that works for you and your family. You can find just about everything you need here at Rocky Mountain Readiness, but if you don't buy here, that's fine, just make sure you and your family are prepared and safe because that is the main thing. 

Stay Southern Strong and Rocky Mountain Ready
Note: Sandy is the South East Regional Director for RMR

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