I was reading this morning in a trade publication directed at EMS agencies about the increased threats first responders face and the acknowledged need for them to wear body armor. There are increasing stories of law enforcement personnel being booted from public businesses as people complain about their presence. And, unfortunately, we have seen our police come under increased physical attack. Our first responder communities have always been a priority with us.

Over the years, it has been an honor to work with LEO's on the federal, state and local levels in providing them with the tools they require to do their jobs and come home safe. Law enforcement is a family affair with us as members of our families serve their committees in times of increasing danger for them.

All of our police and first responder communities face increased threats and we will do what we can to provide them with the best equipment possible.

Support the Blue and all our Fire, EMS, SRO, and others going to work everyday in service to our communities.

From our beginning, Police, Fire, EMS, SRO, and active duty military have qualifed for a minimum 10% discount on all armor and other tactical and medical gear from Rocky Mountain Readiness. Email us for details.


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