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            Sandy here, from Southern Readiness. It has been a bit since I have written, but it has been busy here at Southern Readiness. We have been meeting folks and making friends at the shows here in sunny Florida, and working on a facility to test gear, so we only provide the highest quality to you and your family.
          I personally have been teaching classes, as well as honing my own skills for first aid and preparing for emergencies, large or small. But, this weekend marked the beginning of hurricane season here and that season isn't just limited to Florida, or even the East Coast. Storms can affect folks as many miles inland as well. So, this is a great time of year to take time to prepare for the season. Hopefully, you will remain unscathed by severe weather, but it seems like every year, more and more folks are touched somehow by bad weather, much less a hurricane. So, here are some tips to help you get ready.
       1) Check your insurance policy. Ask questions about wind and flood coverage.  I haven't made a claim on my insurance, home car EVER!!!  So my "discount double check" folks make money, so I believe they should earn some of it by checking my policies every year. I get sent updates, but most of it is jibber jabber that I used to not take the time to read. Don't be like I was; READ you policy updates. If you don't understand or aren't sure if you are covered by wind, rain, tree damage, fence damage, roof damage, water that seeps into your home from the ground, FIND OUT!  If could save you THOUSANDS.
       2) Do a complete inventory of your belongings. Take pictures and save them. Give a good description of your belongings. Get water proof (not water resistant) bags and storage for this information, as well as your important papers, birth certificates, passports, social security card, medical records, (for you and your pets) copies of prescriptions, family photos, as well as back up your computer files on thumb drives. 
       3) Check your supplies on hand. Look at expiration dates on medication, emergency food supplies, and medical kit supplies. Know basic first aid skills.  Many places offer free classes, (check your local library or online)  If you store your supplies in a garage, it may be very hot out there and this effects their freshness dates. Make sure you have propane, fresh batteries, make sure your generator still works or your emergency power sources are fully charged. Check your shutters if you have them on windows, make sure they are in working order. If you have a place to store plywood for your windows, get those supplies early.
      4)  Check your evacuation area, and plan more than one route.  If you live in a manufactured home, make plans to have a place to go. Those are the places that tend to have to evacuate first, sometimes it is mandatory.
      5) Have your go bag ready. Clothes, a dry pair of shoes, a good medical kit, prescriptions, items for your kids and pets, (a good pet kit to include a muzzle is awesome to have, even the most calm and friendly pet can change their temperament in a shelter or if they are scared from the weather). 
     6) Keep your supplies and go bag someplace where you can get to it quickly. You may not have much time to evacuate, (this is about hurricane season, but while coastal areas deal with hurricanes, other parts of the world have wildfires, tornadoes, etc.)
    7) Keep your vehicle full of fuel, check your lights, fluids, windshield wiper blades, etc.
     So, these are just a few hints to help you get be prepared for what life may throw your way. If it hasn't happened to you, it just hasn't happened YET!!! 
     Thanks for reading, all your comments to help us improve our service for you,  your business and remember, Stay Southern Strong and Rocky Mountain Ready!!!
     If there is anything we can do to help, please contact me or Donny, the owner, (he's my big brother, so I still call him Donny, ha).



Sandy in the South East Regional Director for Rocky Mountain Readiness and is the operations director for the Rocky Mountain Readiness, Florida Branch: Southern Readiness. 

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