Hurricanes and other emergencies may require you to shelter in place often with no power for days or longer, local stores with empty shelves, Police and Emergency Medical Services unavailable except for the most extreme circumstances, and travel restricted for days or weeks due to flooding or other imposed restrictions. The aftermath of a storm can have restaurants and other normal services closed well after the initial crisis passes. This also means many people will be out of work and home during this recovery phase.

Preparing in advance makes the difference in mitigating for your family the hardships that will occur. We have put together a starter shelter in place kit for families and homes based on our personal experiences during Hurricane Irma  and through interviews with those who went through Hurricane Harvey. 

The basics must be covered and the assumption must be you are on your own for at least one week and with limited or no access to normal things like fully stocked grocery stores and gas stations for even longer.

Food, Water, Shelter, Communication, and Security are areas you must have covered. Chose our suggested kit or build your own with these must haves :


Our Chef 5 Minute 24, 72 Hour kits, and MREs provide hot meals when there is no power and without the need for external water to cook. These are extremely portable in case you have to evacuate your home and area.

Our Augason and Wise Food emergency food buckets provide great meals and critical calories per meal your family needs until the crisis passes. 


Water storage is something you should be ready to do in advance of any emergency. Your water utilities can be shutdown.  Our 55 gallon water safe drum kit allows you to quickly store enough water for 2 people for 7 days. This is double the normally recommended minimum emergency water storage requirement.


Clean water is critical to your safety. In an emergency, normal water sources can  become contaminated and you may have to rely on any water you can gather even rain water or flood waters as fresh water rivers or heavy rains over flow banks and neighborhood streets. A Berkey Water System purifier renders those water sources safe to drink giving you and your family abundant safe pure water in a crisis. Even stored water should be purified if in the containers for long periods. All our water will go through our Berkey’s and we also use ours everyday.

SHELTER Safety and Security

Your home is likely to be your shelter, but during an extended power outage your morally safe home can be come unsafe to navigate. Several good flashlights are needed for at least one for each person occupying the home.

You are your own first responder in the first stages of a crisis. Having a good medical kit is a must. Injuries you must be ready for range from the normal day to day minor cuts and bruises to possibly severe cuts and broken bones you are responsible for treating with emergency services not readily available. 


It is not uncommon for cell towers and land lines to be down during a crisis. Without power even getting local information is a challenge. Portable radio transmitters for communication with one another and solar or hand cranked radios are a must. Our extensive communications section  keeps you informed and in touch.

If you don’t have access to an emergency generator, you can still power and charge you small appliances and phones with small but powerful devices like our emergency power options or our portable solar panels

Another must have is a good multi-tool.

Solar ovens  (All American & Go Sun) are a great addition to your preparedness supplies. Cook meals without power just like you would in your own oven. Solar cooking has advantages in saving the amount of water you need to cook freeze dried emergency meals and the better taste from those meals with a solar oven.

Flood waters are always a problem. Don't get trapped waiting for rescue. Our folding, sturdy, one piece kayak from Tuck_Tec will take you to safety.

Remember, unexpected guests, extended family members or neighbors in need, can stretch your preparations beyond your planning. It is always good to have extra supplies on hand.

Planning ahead can greatly enhance your ability to get your family through a crisis.





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