While we are advocates for personal protection for everyone, we recognize the special circumstances our first responders face each day; on the and off the job. It is the reason we offer a minimum of 10% discounts on all body armor for LEO's, Firemen, and EMS personnel.

It may surprise some, but not all communities provide body armor to first responders and often that is due to stretched  budgets. Working with individual LOE's, fire departments and first responders to get equipment in their hands to help them better do their jobs protecting their communities and themselves is something we take seriously and see as an opportunity to say thank you. 

As pointed out in EMS1.com, an organization providing news and information to the EMS community, "Violence against EMTs and paramedics has been occurring since the beginning of paramedicine. This is nothing new. "Mother, Juggs and Speed," a movie from the 1970s included scenes where paramedics were shot. However, 40 years later, the vast majority of EMTs and paramedics are still not provided body armor. Those who are provided armor are probably not wearing the vests on most calls. 

Body armor can not only provide protection against firearms and knives, but can also provide significant protection during motor vehicle collisions. Soft body armor can be worn under a uniform like police officers or a body armor vest that can be easily taken off between calls. Modern armor allows for considerable comfort and movement".

If you or someone you care about is in law enforcement or the fire and EMS services, we want to help get the quality personal protection equipment needed in the right hands at prices workable for any budget.

We encourage everyone to support their local police and fire departments as well as their EMS agencies. Over the last few years, we all know some news outlets and organizations have gone out of their way to paint our first responders in a light that does not reflect the outstanding service they provide, often times at great personal risk, to our communities.  Let us make 2018 the year we all show our support to each person who puts on a uniform and heads out each day to protect and serve our communities.

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