We talk so much about everyone, even the kids, getting medical training and the proper med kits and supplies, it could sound like we are harping. Ok, we are. We do it because even basic medical training can save someone you care about and many people intend to do it and don't. That "don't" can turn a bad, but treatable situation into something much worse.

We are asked often if we carry Normal Saline. We could, but there are shelf life's and you can actually make it when you need it at home, in the field or in an emergency when medical supplies are not readily available. One of the most common uses of Normal Saline for most of us is to use it to clean wounds.

To make your own you'll need:

a pan with a lid, salt, water, and sterile jars with sterile lids.

The process:

- Add two teaspoons of salt a liter of water in the pan.
- Place lid on pan and bring salt water to a rolling boil.
- After a short time, let the solution cool with the lid on.
- After cooled, pour into the sterile jars and secure the sterile lids.

This solution should last for up to 30 days and 24 to 48 hours once opened.

However, studies have shown that sterilized drinking water can work just as well.

Remember, while the initial cleaning of the wound can be done with Betadine or hydrogen peroxide, they should not be used for later cleaning as new cells are trying to grow as the wound is in the healing process and concentrated antiseptics dry out the new cells and slow down healing.

Thanks and the source for the information above comes from Dr. Alton, MD.

Get some medical training. Get refresher training. Be ready because someone you care about may be depending on you.



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