A few days ago, I sent out an e-mail to those signed up to our newsletter about the up coming storm season; hurricanes, tornadoes. and floods.  Honestly, I figured where we are in Colorado our normal winter storm season was over. Well, did we get a surprise.

I have about 10 inches of heavy wet snow on the ground. Three huge tree limbs are on the ground, one missing the Rocky Mountain Readiness van by less than a foot and the back deck barely escaped a large failing limb, and I'm looking at a digging out process I'm putting off to write this. Of course, the weather forecast was for some rain with a little snow. Folks a bit further north got slammed with 3 to 4 feet.  You just never know.

The point being; you have to always be ready. Storms, emergencies, nor accidents wait on you to get ready. You should always have enough supplies on hand to get through days of isolation at home. Your vehicle should be equipped with enough food, water, and gear to get you through at least a few days of being stranded. You should have medical gear at home and in your vehicles to take care of you and your family if help can't get to you right away (a basic trauma kit and, for sure, at least two tourniquets should always be on hand).

It's not hard to plan for the unexpected, like a blizzard in late May, but you have to take the steps to implement those plans. Failing to do so can bring some very unwanted and possibly tragic results. 

Well, time to go pull the snow shovel back out and see if the chainsaw is ready to fire up.

Stay ready.






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