Do you have military surplus MRE's as part of your long term food storage plan? Do you have them for camping, hunting, or that next road trip? If so, you need to check a few things.

Military MRE's have a shelf life of about 60 months, if stored at 60 degrees. The higher the storage temperature the less time they last. Stored at about 100 F the shelf life drops to around two months according to the Army’s Natick Research Laboratories

Consider why something becomes excess. It's excess because the services no longer need them and that's likely because the shelf-life is out of standard. Now, consider where we have been fighting since the first Gulf War; the desert. It is very likely the MRE's you have were stored at temps well above 60 F. You also don't know where they came from or how they ended up on EBAY or in a surplus store.

MRE's are great and extremely practical, but it may be better to look at the commercial variety, if you want to know what condition your food is actually in.

So, take a look at those boxes of surplus MRE's and check the shelf life date. Then consider if you want to take the chance of that as a food staple for your family in an emergency or when out for a fun weekend.

Rocky Mountain Readiness now offers Chef 5 minute Meals: American Made self heating meals and MRE's; guaranteed to be fresh and a great supplement to your food storage and great for those upcoming camping, hunting, and road trips. Be sure you are in control of your food supply.


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