Rocky Mountain Readiness is proud to partner with My Body Passport.

My Body Passport is one of those products that really is a "must have". Whether travailing out of town, in your bug out bags, every day carry (EDC) or at home everyday, you must have an accurate and complete medical record for yourself and each family member at your finger tips. We are proud to be able to bring this critical piece of your emergency plan to you. Ships Free.

My Body Passport is the most well thought  out and complete package to help you have critical information when you absolutely have to have it. In a medical emergency, first responders need information. Does your family members know what medications you might be on? What about insurance info? Do they have a list of your family doctors and contact info? Don't take the chance. Get a My Body Passport for every family member or member of you team.

This is your life assurance policy. Easy to use, Comprehensive, Portable, and Unhackable.

Stuff you need to know before you cut me open...check. Allergies, immunizations...covered. What meds is mom's in her passport. Health conscious or world traveler...take it with you. ​Eyes, teeth, blood pressure, A1C history is all there.

Easy to fill in, easy to access. Private.

Get yours today.​ It's your body.

It’s your body. Take control of your health, your emergency directives, and your medical history with a comprehensive logbook and record keeper.

Your medical history is a complex web of information. Prescriptions, immunizations, allergies, health care providers, insurance information, and emergency notifications or directives are only some of the records you might need to provide to doctors, emergency responders, or other health care professionals.

Few people can remember every aspect of their health history at a moment’s notice, especially when under stress. For the rest of us, there’s My Body Passport.

Designed by health care professionals, My Body Passport is a complete logbook for medical information, broken down into a series of prelabeled check boxes and forms covering every aspect of personal health.

Small and transportable, this little record book allows you to access your health history quickly and easily, whether you need to discuss specifics of lab tests with your doctor, provide information to an insurance provider, or track vaccinations and office visits.

My Body Passport lets you take control of your own health. Whether you’re at home or traveling, you’ll have peace of mind—and easy access to health care information that could save your life.

Q: What size is it?
A: Sized to easily fit in a back pocket or a purse, 5" x 8".

Q: What experience do people have when using My Body Passport?
A: Peace of mind knowing that they have access to their health history and records at their fingertips. No more vague or inaccurate answers, or I don't knows.

Q. Can I use this for children?
A. Yes, it is a great way for parents to keep track of the whole family's health, including vaccinations and office visits, from birth on up.

Q. Will it work for my aging parents?
A. Yes, all their medications, existing conditions, various doctors and appointment histories are readily accessible.

Q. Can I take it with me to my appointments?
A. Yes, the book was designed and reviewed by doctors with the patient and the health specialist in mind. You will improve the effectiveness of your care by bringing your health records, being able to discuss specifics with your doctor, and recording the visit outcomes and next steps.

Q. What makes it easy to fill in?
A. Check out all the "check" boxes, pre-labeled for you. We wore out our pencils designing the forms, so you don’t have to. Look inside. It’s easy and enjoyable to fill out, and easy to use.

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