The entire Rocky Mountain Readiness and Southern Readiness team flew out to Las Vegas last week for Shot Show 2020. Our intent was: 1) to meet many of our suppliers to further build on those relationships in order to bring you the best quality and service possible and we have fantastic suppliers. 2) to look for new quality items to enhance our selections for you. On those counts alone, the trip was a success.

    We are thrilled to announce some great new product lines coming your way. First, we have teamed with Flying Circle to bring you some of the best backpacks, tactical, and daily use bags available. Those of you in the military or with access to a base or post might have seen them in Post Exchanges. Flying Circle has been supplying the US military for 30 years and we are proud to be be able to bring them to you.

     Also, we are now bringing you personal ballistic shields from Hardcore Defense. These are perfect for the home owner looking for an addition edge or the LE / Security professional. Ratings on the shields go from IIIA for the Delta Shield to III plus on the Bravo shield. The shields can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with your body armor for added protection. The entry price for the Delta Shield is just $299.00 and fits most any budget.

     You'll know Nitecore Flashlights for their quality and verity to satisfy any need. We are bringing on many our customers have requested from tactical and everyday carry to units supplying a blinding 10,000 lumens.

      We always strive to bring you the best quality and value possible. These new additions are great enhancements to the products we are proud to offer our family of customers.

      Below, Sandy, our Florida, Southern Readiness team lead, gets interviewed by Shot Show 2020 TV.

Stay Ready,


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