We have the newly designed stackable water bricks from Sagan Water. The new design makes carrying and opening the containers much easier than with old style water bricks. How?

With the old style bricks, the lids are hard to screw off because they are recessed into the container. Three gallons of water weighs 24 pounds and those old style handles make the containers a chore to carry.

The new design has a well thought out lid placement making it easy to open and close and the two different carry handles makes moving them easy. And Jazz, a member of our security team, approves.

So no more busted knuckles... Made in the USA. Also, great for food storage.

These will go for $28 each, but buy 8 or more and bulk pricing kicks in. Just call or email don @ 719-659-2383 or email @ don@rockymountainreadiness.com


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