We believe in a practical approach to preparing for an emergency. The emergency could be a regional disaster, a nationwide event, or something that impacts your family, but by taking certain steps now you can mitigate whatever a future emergency may bring. To help in that mitigation, we have teamed up with Texas Ready to bring our customers the finest seeds available no matter where in the country you live.

     We believe in and encourage others to have a food supply on hand to cover times when stores may be closed or for the possibility of a day when personal finances or that of those we care about make daily expenses difficult. The price of food goes up everyday and procuring long term food supplies now may be a wise investment.

    However, even a healthy food storage stock has limitations and will run out eventually. Gardening is what people have always down to stretch food supplies, but it is something a lot of people neglect.  Though Rocky Mountain Readiness and Texas Ready, we can offer high quality seeds for your Liberty Garden and the knowledge required to supplement and meet your family's needs and seeds you buy one time that will last for years to come.

    Whether you are looking for a survival seed vault or simply wish to supplement your diet with healthy produce grown in your own backyard, we offer the best heirloom seeds on the market. And for those persons lacking a green thumb, our comprehensive training manuals will help put your family firmly upon the path towards self-reliance.  

   Check out all the great products to make your family and those you care about truly self-reliant @ RMR and Texas Ready

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