I've always enjoyed teaching and working with others. Working with families in the area of emergency prep was the catalyst for Rocky Mountain Readiness and since we started the business bringing in a training element has been a priority.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our first classes in Colorado. Soon, we will be offering these and others in Florida as well.

You are only as good as the knowledge you obtain and the skills you become proficient in. We believe that to be truly prepared you must be properly trained. You can have the best gear and supplies, but if you don't know how to use them correctly the quality means little. Also, if you are not mentally prepared for a crisis the chances of a poor out come are much greater than if you gain knowledge before an emergency.

Your training should include not only the proper uses of your preparedness tools, but in areas that impact your daily lives and our futures. Of course, the traditional emergency prep training is also important as well as in areas not generally thought of as preparedness, but are as critical to your families welfare as a great medical training background.

Rocky Mountain Readiness is partnering with subject matter experts in a variety of fields, as well as using our own skills sets, to bring you, your businesses, groups, and families the practical training you need to be prepared in your everyday activities and for those emergencies that will arise.

Like everything at RMR, we fully vet those we choose to work with. These are people we trust by having worked with them previously, having developing personal relationships with, and we have often entrusted our own family's training to them.

We are adding classes and instructors, so check back often. Live training is now available and will become available in Florida. Check our Training and Classes section for details.

E-mail don@rockymountainreadiness or call 719-659-2383 for more information.

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