Sandy here with Southern Readiness. First, I would like to thank everyone who came out to see us at the Tampa Gun Show over the weekend and making our grand opening in Florida a success. We got to meet so many nice folks and share our brand. It was a great experience and we look forward to many more... 

As fall approaches, so does camping and hunting season. One of the best times of year.  During the Tampa Gun Show last weekend, I was able to introduce  several people to my favorite piece of camping gear, the Kelly Kettle;  I love this thing. It is easy to pack, works great, heats water up in just a couple of minutes with any fuel laying around the campsite so fuel is one less thing you have to think about.
You can cook on it with the hobo stove or the grill, it does it all. So many people were so impressed with it, as I am. It comes in a variety of sizes and packages to choose from, whether you camp alone, or have a group with you.  I personally tested it against my fellow campers big brand coffee maker and I was enjoying my hot tea before they were (take that, name brand I can't say).
My other piece of equipment that I used last year for the first time is the Berkey Water Purification Sport Bottle.  I used it all the time and felt so much better about the water I drank, as well as not having to haul bottled water to the camp...  No plastic bottles to worry about carrying out of camp with you.  And if you live in an area that is not famous for their high quality water, (yes, I'm talking about you, Florida) then you can appreciate how important good tasting and cleaner water can be.

These are also two awesome items to put in your hurricane kit.(yes, that season is fast approaching!!! More on that another time).
So, with these thoughts, I am wishing all of you a great camping and hunting season!!!  I will post on our Facebook page some of our Florida adventures this year!! 

Stay Southern Strong and Rocky Mountain Ready!!

Sandy runs Southern Readiness; a division of Rocky Mountain Readiness and is our Southeast Director of Operations.

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