We strive to bring our customers the very best products at the best prices and this week we are introducing a new product line by partnering with the award winning Smoky Mountain Growlers. The best in the business growlers offer a lifetime warranty and:

  • Extreme Temperature Control - COLD 72 hrs or HOT 24 hrs
  • Large Wide-Mouth opening - easy to fill, drink, and clean
  • 100% Recyclable; Eco-Friendly
  • 18/8 Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel
  • Durable Non Plastic bottle & lid BPA-Free & Non porous
  • The perfect indoor / outdoor water bottle, beer growler, or hot drink thermos that floats

Perfect for the gym, on your desk, on a hike, for that bottle of wine to go, and so many other places its hard to name them all. A for craft beer lovers and growler fills at the local pub.Stays cold up to 72 Hours - Ice up to 5 days, and Hot enough to make instant coffee up to 24 hours,

Great for carrying your days supply of water and taking to the pub on Friday for your Growler fill. The 64 oz is favorite among craft beer lovers and outdoor enthusiasts like campers, boaters, truck drivers and RV enthusiasts.

Many have asked which size is best for wine .. 
A typical wine bottle size is 750 ml which contains 25.4 fluid ounces 
Growler & Hydration Bottles 
The one bottle theory 32oz is best - it will give you a little extra room to mix some fruit and make it a Sangria 
The two bottle theory is tricky because you really have 3 solid choices 
1. Get a 64oz and you'll have room for fruit to make Sangria or add anything else you enjoy in your wine 
2. Get a 40oz and you'll have 15.4 ounces left to fill a 20oz Tumbler for drinking right away 
3. Get a 32oz and an 18oz and you've got it all in there with just a sip left before you close it up.
Smoky Mountain Growlers are the 2017 Craft Beer & Brewing award winner for being the top rated growler for keeping beer carbonated and fresh.
We are proud to be official vendors for Smoky Mountain Growlers as they meet our promise to you of practical affordable quality.  See our entire line @ Smoky Mountain Growlers

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