First off, from the wordings superfood, one can picture its meaning, basically food better or more equipped nutritionally than regular food of the same size/quantity.

Superfoods are foods with high nutrient level and are of benefit to one's general health. These foods are often from plant origin with rare inclusion of certain fish and dairy products and it has been highlighted that animal meat and product do more harm than produce of plant origin.

The aim of the inclusion of superfoods in your diet is to maximise the nutrient intake per meal and to reduce to the possible minimum the amount of calories consumed per intake.

The basic qualification of any food product to be conferred the term "super" is an extraordinarily high nutrient density I.E. high quantity of nutrient per serving as compared to regular food.

Superfoods are also known to rid the body of certain body metabolites and byproducts in the production of usable energy (ATP) in the body. If not checked, this free radicals can cause unpleasant side effects to the body. 

In this article, the Ayurvedic dosha diet and various categories of superfoods that are present in them will be discussed and also the dosha system of diet shall be broken down.

Ayurvedic Dosha Diet:

This is another application of ayurvedic medicine and it involves the classification of humans into different doshas using their energies. The forms of dosha available include

* Vata

* Kapha

* Pitta

These three energy classifications possess different dietary requirements for their energy type.

Forms of superfoods that exist in ayurvedic diets include:


Berries are one of the most common forms of superfoods. The fibres, flavonoid and antioxidant content of berries qualify them as superfoods. The characteristic sweet taste makes them an easily consumed superfoods.

Berries can be consumed alone or alongside so many things such as cereals, oats, blended in smoothies and yoghurts. In recent times, berries have been an option as toppings for several confectioneries.

Common berries with high nutritional value include;

Acai Berries



Goji berries


This is the least common superfood on this list. It doesn't categorically fit under the classification of superfood but it health benefits sure meet and surpass all the criterias.

It has grown in popularity due to its use in Ayurvedic medicine and it's inclusion on ayurvedic diets.  

It is formed over several years by the slow decomposition of plant materials and it is usually found in the Rocky Mountains of Himalayas. But due to cryptic references and its complex nature, it is hard to explain what Shilajit is exactly

It is used as a supplement and it is harm free and possess beneficial qualities to one's well-being and general healthiness.

It is associated with several conditions and diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Low Testosterone Levels, chronic fatigue syndrome, infertility and iron deficiency anaemia.

Shilajit is known to reduce aging and increase the healthiness of the heart.

It is available in liquid and powder supplement forms.


This is used to refer to products of Soybeans, such as the milk products from its bean extracts, Soy fibres to mention a few amongst Soy products.

Isoflavones are the major components that are responsible for the classification of Soy as a Superfood.

Isoflavones are phytochemicals(They are found naturally in plants)

Extensive research has shown that these components of Soy possess the ability to reduce the content of LDL which is often referred to as harmful or bad cholesterol in the blood thus increasing the general well-being of the consumer's body. 


This is a very common superfood with several myth surrounding it and several health benefits associated with various Tea and its products.

It's low calorie and high antioxidant content such as catechins (an antioxidant with high potency found in green tea that possess anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory actions)

Certain studies have shown tea to have nerve calming and stress reduction properties

Green vegetables

This is home to spinach, cabbage, cucumber, kale, mustard green amongst others.

The characteristic dark green color is a common quality of members of this grouping.

With contents such as Vit A, C, E and K, magnesium, iron, calcium, carotenoids.

One can do no wrong with the consumption of greens.

They possess high moisture content promoting hydration and high fibre content improving the health and well being of the bowel.

Some can be eaten raw, made into a salad, used to cook several soups and meals, or just used as pizza toppings.


This is not such a tough nut to crack. Minerals, healthy monounsaturated fats, plant proteins, moderate calorie level, nuts have it all and these have earned them a spot on the list of superfood.

With several variants available to suit your taste or mood at the time of consumption, nuts can go with almost anything.

They can be consumed alone, added to cereals, oats, blended with yoghurts or cooked with meals. Consider an increased portion of nuts in your diet for a generally healthier state of being.

Olive Oil:

This is a very important superfood because as opposed to several alternatives such as vegetable oil, butter and margarine, it is the healthiest and possess the least caloric content. The makes it suitable as an alternative for several fatty oils, butter and margarine for cooking.

Asides the low calorie content, it also possesses components with immense nutritional values such as polyphenols, Vitamin E, mono unsaturated fats and several others depending on the grade.

Olive oil can be consumed in dishes such as rice or pasta and also can be used as a dressing for salad or vegetables.

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