We are into 8 months of COVID responses by governments across the globe and supply shortages continue. Manufacturing delays caused by government mandates on working conditions are compounded by unprecedented demands causing months long lead times covering a wide a verity of products. Daily headlines of riots across the country has added to the demand for many emergency items.

For our customers, these delays are being felt most with Berkey Water Systems, body armor, personal protective gear and equipment. Emergency freeze dried food is still unavailable from the country's largest manufacturer after 6 months of trying to recover from a demand that has crashed the supply chain. Also impacted are some of our third party suppliers who can no longer provide items that were readily available just 5 months ago.

Our customers have been amazingly understanding as they realize these are not normal times and have been willing to wait. We thank them for this and are working with suppliers as closely as possible to fill their requirements.

We can expect shortages to continue and demand to increase for the foreseeable future. As frustrating as it is to order something and then wait for an extended time, you should work with reputable companies like ours now in order to get those emergency and protective items you and your family will need as this crisis continues and new ones emerge.

What are some of the most popular items available today with no waiting?

Chef 5 Minute Meals, Wiley X Protective Eye ware, BOSS Kits, Berkey black filters, Aqua Bricks, Kelly Kettles, FC back packs and bags, medical items.


Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay ready,


Owner Rocky Mountain Readiness




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