This morning, we woke up to another shooting where a person or persons fired on a crowd. This time in Austin, TX as a killer took the life of a young woman and wounded four others. We have suffered terrorist attacks and attacks on our police officers over the course the last several months; all aimed at causing as much carnage and chaos as possible. The attacks have come across the country and we know they will continue.

Each of us is our own first responders as we could find ourselves in a situation where our reactions can save lives as attacks and accidents occur without warning and at any time. Are you prepared to act? Do you have the basic first aid training to apply a tourniquet and apply other methods to control bleeding, and care for someone who is counting on you until help arrives? Have you thought through what you would do in a situation where you are the one who must assist until that help can arrive? Do you have the basic medical supplies with you at all times or know what can be used in the place of them?

The world is changing and the relative calm most of our society enjoys is being shaken up. We must be ready to react when our calm is shaken. Get basic medical training, if you haven’t already. Make it a family activity. Have with you a good medical kit with what you need to help stop excessive bleeding and care for other injuries until help arrives. If you come upon someone who is waiting on help to arrive, you are that help; you are the first responder.

While Rocky Mountain Readiness can provide those medical kits and items (see here), we encourage you get a good medical kit from any source and have it near you at all times. We encourage your entire family to get trained. Don’t put it off.

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