When you visit a doctor for any reason, routine or emergency, are your medical records accurate in today's automated systems? We were told they would be, however, Dr. Wendy Coulson, Ph.D., Founder Terebinth Holdings, LLC and inventor of My Body Passport ,reminds us that is very likely not the case and the results could be dramatic on the quality of care you or a loved one receives.

From Fortune, March 2019: Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong.

                              "The patient medication lists weren’t reliable; prescribed drugs would not show up, while discontinued drugs would appear as current, according to the complaint. The EHR would sometimes display one patient’s medication profile accompanied by the physician’s note for a different patient, making it easy to misdiagnose or prescribe a drug to the wrong individual"

The truth is you are responsible for ensuring your doctor knows your medical history and your medical history is not optional. Dr. Coulson writes, "The lack of accurate, comprehensive knowledge of our own personal medical history is unfortunate and dangerous. Family medical histories are spotty. Paper records are scattered everywhere. Electronic records are susceptible to computer glitches, can be incomplete, and at times, impossible to access - to the point where doctors still rely on...verbal interviews and your memory. If you change doctors, you lose access to that doctor's thick manila folder. Can you even remember who your past doctors were? What situations and procedures you experienced and when? Drug interactions, clues to diagnosis, and risk factors can be life-or-death. And not just for yourself; how about for your family members with imperfect memories?"

There is a simple solution to the real problem; My Body Passport. With the My Body Passport™, you...or your loved ones...will never be racking your brain for medical info. No more ignorance of you very own medical history. No more relying only on memory to accurately describe some cocktail of drug treatments, or history of blood pressure, blood sugar, disease or surgeries. You might even see patterns emerge over time which help you proactively improve your health!

Don't take a chance with the health and safety of your family. See how easy it is to ensure you don't fall victim to inaccurate records with My Body Passport or My Body Passport Adventure.



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