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AR500 Body Armor

Orders over $75.00 ship free. Orders under $75.00 have a nominal $6.50 shipping charge.

Rocky Mountain Readiness is proud to be an official dealer for AR500.

You've made the decision to defend your home and those you care about. You've practiced and became proficient with the tools you need for the task. Now, give yourself another edge with AR500 Armor.

I own AR500 and recommend it to all.

Armor cannot be shipped to non-law enforcement residents of Connecticut.

Armor not in stock can take 4 to 8 weeks to ship as AR500 is produced individually

Please read these Terms and Conditions  before for body armor purchase.

Product demo videos show plates with the full spall & fragmentation protective PAXCON Line-X Build-up coating which we highly recommend for the greatest level of protection.

 PAXCON Line-X Build Up: AR500 Armor also offers a Base Coat Build-Up for customers who would like increased containment of the projectile when it strikes an AR500 Armor Body Armor. The Base Coat Build Up is a unique in house method of building up the Line-X Protective Coat greatly enhancing its spall and fragmentation mitigation properties. Our Build Up Base Coat on AR500 Armor can defeat and will better contain multiple hits of 7.62x51 Military M80 ball as close as 10 yards on the strike face. The Build Up will increase the thickness of your plate to .5” and add ¾”lb.

PAXCON Line-X Base Coat: Each plate goes through a 4 stage cleaning process to ensure maximum adhesion and to take full advantage of the coat. This base coat provides increased protection and offers some spall and fragmentation mitigation. The goal of the Base Coat isn’t to fully contain fragmentation, but absorb what it can and change the path after a strike outwards and away from the operator. The Base Coat is effective at this, and should be chosen to maintain a thin profile.