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Chef 5 Minute Meals Self Heating Meals and MRE's

Self-Heating Meals - MREs

Whether you’re preparing for an emergency situation or simply want a quick and easy meal solution, look to Chef 5 Minute Meals™ for a hot, delicious meal in as little as 5-10 minutes. Just heat-and-eat, anytime, anywhere!

Our self-heating meals are ideal for life on the go. We offer all the comforts of homestyle cooking, with religious accommodations available, while enjoying the great outdoors, traveling, day-to-day use, or simply surviving the aftermath of a disaster.

Do you have military surplus MRE's as part of your food plan? Items become surplus for a reason and for MRE's it's usually self life. Your surplus MREs box might indicate it is within its shelf-life, but is? It comes down to stoarge. Do you know where your surplus MREs came from and where and how they were stored. Improperly stored MRE's have a very limited self-life and for Surplus that probably means it's well past. Don't take a chance. Check out our Chef 5 Minute Meals and see why our guaranteed fresh MRE's are the better and safest choice.


Watch Celebrity Chef, Rachel Ray, work with Chef 5 Minute Meals

Exclusive clip from the special feature “Storm Survival Gear with Jim Cantore” as seen on the Rachael Ray Show. Special thanks goes out to the great people at the Rachael Ray Show as well as to Jim Cantore for this great demonstration!