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Quik Camo Face Masks from Game Face Gear

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We are thrilled to team up with Game Face Gear for "Quick Camo" face masks. Finally a quick and convenient way to camouflage your face only when you need to. A great hunting cap you can wear around town and when you are ready just take off the cap and shake out the mask. When on the hunt or when quick concealment is key, there is no faster way to hide your face.

Scent bandit anti-microbial technology destroys bacteria that causes odor, while the scent-reduction technology works to keep your scent contained. The quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric breathes to keep you cool during warm-weather hunts, and the hat breaks up the outline of your face without impairing your hearing or blocking your sight. Face-masks are compatible with eye-wear and protect against harmful UV rays. One size fits most.

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 How good are these face masks?

Here is what Scott Haugen, Host of Trijicon's Game Chasers and Associate Editor, Hunt Alaska Magazine, has to say,

                                              "Wanted to let you know we wrapped up another TV show a couple nice toms, and the hats worked wonderfully. My wife, Tiffany, pictured here with a big bird she got, was so impressed with the caps, she said she'll never wear any other face mask again. She loves it! We have a few more shows we're filming this spring where we should be able to get even more coverage for you. What a great product...We all love them, as does my camera man! and thanks again."

Here is what the North American Hunting Club members are saying about QuikCamo hats:

"I was one of the recipients of your product through the NAHC field testing opportunity. Your product is fabulous. I love it and gave it a great review. Your website is saved in my favorites and I will most certainly keep using your hats. I have had other hats with built in face masks but this is by far the best and most comfortable one I have ever had. Thank You! I took my best archery buck this year wearing your hat, plus 2 does. I plan on buying another one for turkey season."

"An Innovative Product which works as described in the product information. I used the hat while hunting wild hogs on my property this past weekend. Took two young sows with my bow! I WAS ABLE OT SHIFT FROM OBSERVATION MODE TO HUNT MODE IN A MATTER OF SECONDS WITHOUT BEING DETECTED BY THE GROUP OF HOGS BENEATH MY STAND. WITH THE HAT BRIM FACING REARWARD I OBSERVED NO INTERFERENCE PROBLEMS WHILE LINING UP MY BOW SIGHTS AND EXECUTING THE SHOT!! The hat and camo pattern worked great here in North Florida."

"The mask fits the face. It doesn't hang loose. I feel the anchor point without the material gathering in my hand. I wear hearing aids in both ears. With some masks the hearing aids whistle. I have no problem with this mask. I wore my glasses under the mask and over the mask, it was comfortable both ways. The slots in the mask for the glasses lined up. I didn't have to fuss around finding the slots."

"The QuikCamo hat, is in my opinion, one of the coolest hunting items I've seen in a long time. You can use it to mask your face, keep the sun off your neck or just wear it forward or backwards like a regular hat. All my friends want one."