About us

We help agencies, organizations, and individuals obtain the best equipment and training required for their mission and individual preparedness needs.

We are veteran owned and family operated.  Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number 042266402.  Federal CAGE Code: 84RQ3.

RMR is building the premiere emergency preparedness, self-sustainability, and outdoor gear store offering quality equipment and supplies that work when they have to at affordable prices.

Many years ago, we became interested in emergency and general preparedness for our family.  Like you, we discovered the quality and practicality of items many claim to be critical to emergency planning and the actual needs in an emergency plan are not always in sync.  At RMR, working with our customers is our priority. We are in business to serve your needs.

We always search for new and innovative items to bring to our customers and have helped introduce products like Fiber Light Fire Starter, TuckTec Folding Kayak, Outdoor Element's 'Firebiner", the Kelly Kettle and more to the U.S. preparedness community. In many cases, we have built personal working relationships with the owners or chief officers of the companies we work with so we can confidently stand behind the products we offer.

Since 2016, Rocky Mountain Readiness has established itself with law enforcement across the country. Some of our most rewarding opportunities have come working with Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, U.S. Marshals, School Resource Officers, and Correctional Officers as well as a State Police Academy to supply the protective equipment our law enforcement community requires. We take this mission seriously as within our own families we have LEO’s and their safety, as with the entire LEO and first responder community, is a family matter. 

RMR was launched to provide those who are taking the steps necessary to prepare themselves and their family for emergencies with practical, affordable, and quality equipment.  At RMR, we sell only items we own and actually use or have researched to the point of being confident that if one of our family members were faced with an emergency the equipment they have gotten from us or could purchase through RMR will work when it counts. Like you, the safety of our family comes first and we will not have them with unreliable equipment.

As RMR grows, we will do so with the needs of our customers foremost in mind and happily take suggestions from our customers on what we can provide to meet their needs. Our business is built on customer service. Every customer, every one, is important to us.

Rocky Mountain Readiness is proud to be official dealers for:

Spartan Body Armor Systems

Bullet Blocker

AR500  Body Armor

Berkey Water Filter/Purification Systems

Augason Farms - Emergency/Everyday Food

Wiley X Protective Eye Wear

MIRA Safety CBRN equipment

Fast Act Decontamination Systems

Flying Circle Quality backpacks and bags

Chef, 5 Minute Meals

NiteCore flashlights

Elite 1st Aid

B.O.S.S. Emergency Kits

All American Sun Oven International

ACR Electronics Industry leading emergency locator beacons

Kelly Kettle

GoSun Stoves

Texas Ready Seed Banks

Two Tree Outfitters

Hero Clips

Outdoor Element

CRW Electronics

Scully Leather Goods

Sydney Paige Backpacks

My Body Passport

R.A.T.S - T - Rapid Application Tourniquet System

Readyman Gear

Sored Gear

United  Spirit of America

Vaan & CO



Don Rodgers, owner, serves as a member of the National Small Business Leadership Council working alongside other small-business advocates from across the country as they work to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C. He is an Air Force veteran and retired Army civil service member with 42 years of total service in and out of uniform.

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Our Florida team is Southern Readiness operating out of Clearwater, Florida. The team is made up of:

Sandra Law is our South Eastern Regional Director and LEO liaison. With 29 years in the law enforcement field, she is a Florida state certified instructor currently teaching at a Florida police academy and is a field training officer.  You can contact her @ sandra@rockymountainreadiness.com.

LeAnne Lesmiester has several years of experience in international contracts with a Fortune 500 company and joined the team in 2018. She has earned the nickname, "The Armor Chick" as she has become the teams expert in body armor.