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..AR500 Armor® Emergency Personal Carrier (EPC) w/ Patented Hybrid 8" x 10" ASC IIIA Soft Body Armor

..AR500 Armor® Emergency Personal Carrier (EPC) w/ Patented Hybrid 8" x 10" ASC IIIA Soft Body Armor

$ 150.00

AR500 Armor® Hybrid IIIA Soft Body Armor utilizes the latest in ultra-light, thin, high strength, and flexible materials to create a sub 1lb armor system ranking amongst the lightest and best performing soft body armor in the industry. Constructed from Honeywell Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield®, and DuPont™ Kevlar®, we've harnessed the full ballistic capabilities of these materials maximizing synergy between components creating the ultimate Hybrid IIIA soft body armor panel.

When designing our Hybrid IIIA soft body armor we refused to sacrifice performance, comfort, or affordability. Our focus was to bridge the gap between performance and price point - no sacrifice on either end was acceptable. Our Hybrid soft body armor delivers and includes features only found in more expensive body armor. Our strategically placed low stich patterns on each sub-shoot pack improve performance without forfeiting flexibility and comfort. These unique patterns also aid in performance against back face deformation and edge shots. Our durable laminated antimicrobial Ripstop nylon cover improves longevity and lifespan of the armor by offering superior protection from the elements such as moisture and sweat, and is sonic welded for strength.

The end result is high performance light weight and  flexible body armor that can be worn comfortably all day, every day, offered at the right price!

AR500 Armor® Hybrid IIIA soft body armor in our Patented 8" x 10" Advanced Shooters Cut is compatible with nearly all plate carriers on the market that accept 8" x 10" hard or soft body armor.

Construction: Honeywell Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield®, DuPont™ Kevlar®, and Laminated Ripstop Nylon (sonic welded)

Size & Cut: 8" x 10" Patented Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC), can be worn in conjunction with hard body armor plates

Threat Rating: Stand Alone and IIIA rated for pistol caliber threats up to .44 magnum

v50: .44 Magnum 240gr. SJHP, 1,732 feet per second

Weight: .68lb

Thickness: .25"

Warranty: 5 Years

AR500 Armor® Patented Hybrid 8" x 10" ASC IIIA Soft Body Armor Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Ultra-Thin profile
  • Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC) - US Patent # 9021621 B1, Dated May 5, 2015
  • Stand Alone, IIIA rated for pistol calibers up to .44 Magnum
  • Plate Carrier compatible
  • Works well with our 8"x10" ASC Trauma Pad
  • Industry leading material composition
  • No sacrifice in performance, comfort, or price point!
  • Strategic stitching improves overall performance
  • Laminated Ripstop cover with sonic welded seams for added durability and strength
  • Outperforms and is more flexible than more expensive panels!
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA!

A highly versatile piece of emergency equipment. While this comes with IIIA soft armor, the carrier can accept the hard plates as well. Ships free.


The Emergency Personal Carrier (EPC) takes versatility to a new level, being compatible with a wide range of body armor and is fully adjustable to fit almost anyone from youth to large adults. Offered in a single configuration.

Following the philosophy of a life jacket, our Emergency Personal Carrier simply dons over your head and is secured by a single large quick release buckle. Applications for the EPC extend well beyond a traditional plate carrier. Designed for modularity and adjustment, the EPC can be carried inside of a backpack, stored in your desk drawer, worn in front or behind of your car seat, placed as a protective barrier over your window, or deployed as a hand-held shield. Compatible with our line of PACK EPIKs (Emergency Personal Injury Kits) which can easily fit inside with any armor option, the EPC with Rimelig Soft Armor is a self-contained, thin, portable, and lightweight all-around defensive solution. 

Emergency Personal Carrier (EPC) Features:
• 1000D Cordura Nylon Construction
• 100% Made in the USA
• ITW Quick Release Buckles
• Heavy Duty Webbing
• Durable Stitching with #92 Bonded Nylon thread
• Dual slim profile rear facing handles
• Padded neck strap
• Compatible with EPC Back (additional option, not included)
• Fits any body armor, hard and soft, in 8” x 10”, 10, x 12”, 11” x 14”, and 11” x 15” (Backpack Panels)
• Low-Profile, Flexible, and Concealable
• Fully adjustable top & side straps allow modularity and proper fit without limitations

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Customer Reviews

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