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.AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Package with Level III Body Armor and Pouches

.AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Package with Level III Body Armor and Pouches

$ 210.00

This is a critical part of my own home defense plan.

From AR500:

"Ideal for Home Defense, Emergency Situations, Training/Carbine Courses, and Active Shooter/Rifle Threat situations. The AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier package is an all-inclusive rifle threat protection Body Armor solution. As it ships, the Sentry plate carrier package includes our Level III rifle rated Body Armor, MOLLE Chest Mounted Pistol Holster (Universal), Double M4/AR15 magazine pouch, and a Double Pistol mag pouch.

600D nylon construction nets a lightweight & slim, yet rugged backbone to your body armor system. Mesh internal lining improves airflow and adds comfort with minimal bulk. The Sentry Plate Carrier Package bypasses frills and includes all of the necessary basics such as adjustable padded shoulders, drag handle, hydration tube/radio guides, and quick release side buckles. All with minimal excess material resulting in less wasted space, bulk, and ultimately reducing unnecessary weight, heat signature, and improving comfort.

The Sentry Plate Carrier features ergonomic wide adjustable side straps with quick release buckles. The cummerbund-less design reduces bulk on the side of your carrier and helps improve airflow, at the cost of being incompatible with side plate body armor. Easier to don and doff, the quick release buckles are maneuvered with easy allowing you to gear up quickly in an emergency.

The AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Package features everything you need with no frills offered at an affordable price point. Loaded with (2) AR500 Armor® Level III patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut 10” x 12” body armor plates, MOLLE Chest Mounted Pistol Holster (Right Hand Only, Universal wrap design fits Full Size to Sub Compacts), MOLLE Double M4/AR15 magazine pouch (2 mag capacity), and MOLLE Double universal pistol magazine pouch (2 mag capacity).

Sentry Plate Carrier Specs:

Weight: 2lb (unloaded) - Level III Advanced Shooters Cut Plates weigh 8.0lbs (+/- 5% due to PAXCON coating).

Size: Fully adjustable shoulder straps and girth, Medium – XXL (up to a 52” Chest)

Colors: Black

AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Features:
• Includes (2) AR500 Armor® Level III 10” x 12” ASC Body Armor Plates
• Includes MOLLE Pistol Holster, M4/AR15 Magazine Pouch, Pistol Mag Pouch
• Includes Sentry Plate Carrier
• Fully Adjustable from Medium to XXL (up to a 52” chest)
• 600D Lightweight and Rugged Construction
• Internal Mesh lining for improved air-flow and comfort
• No Excess material and minimal reducing heat signature and improving comfort
• Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps with hydration tube/radio guides
• Cummerbund-les design improves air flow and reduces bulk
• Ergonomic wide adjustable side straps with quick release buckles
• MOLLE based pouches allow for easy removal and reconfiguration
• Emergency Drag Handle
• Front and Rear Velcro panels for ID’s and Patches

Level III Armor:

AR500 Armor® Level III Body Armor is constructed from a proven, rugged, and reliable ballistic steel core. Rated for calibers up to 7.62x51 M80 Ball (.308) at 2,800 feet per second; our level III body armor is multi-hit capable, stress fracture resistant, and rated for stand-alone use. Level III body armor offers the most protection for your buck, and covers the most common threats one could encounter. Including nearly all Military & NATO calibers up to the threat level above. Our level III body armor provides industry leading protection against "penetrator" rounds such as the 5.56 M855/SS109 - which, put simply, can blow through UHMWPE type and similar Level III body armor options.

If you do not require protection against a very specific threat outside of level III rating, we highly suggest level III body armor due to it's superior performance against some of the most common rifle calibers in existence.

Note: Armor not in stock may take up to  8 weeks to ship as all AR500 is individually manufactured.

Note: Please note the difference between the PAXCON Base Coat and full spall & fragmentation protective Full PAAXCON Line-X Build-up Coat before purchase:

PAXCON Line-X Base Coat:  Each plate goes through a 4 stage cleaning process to ensure maximum adhesion and to take full advantage of the coat. This base coat provides increased protection and offers some spall and fragmentation mitigation. The goal of the Base Coat isn’t to fully contain fragmentation, but absorb what it can and change the path after a strike outwards and away from the operator. The Base Coat is effective at this, and should be chosen to maintain a thin profile.

PAXCON Line-X Build Up: AR500 Armor also offers a Base Coat Build-Up for customers who would like increased containment of the projectile when it strikes an AR500 Armor Body Armor. The Base Coat Build Up is a unique in house method of building up the Line-X Protective Coat greatly enhancing its spall and fragmentation mitigation properties. Our Build Up Base Coat on AR500 Armor can defeat and will better contain multiple hits of 7.62x51 Military M80 ball as close as 10 yards on the strike face. The Build Up will increase the thickness of your plate to .5” and add ¾”lb.


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