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Augason Turkey Feast Pail - 4 Gallon

Augason Turkey Feast Pail - 4 Gallon

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Emergency food storage, really? Yes, it absolutely is. Augason Farm’s NEW Turkey Feast Pail is loaded with down-home-cooking flavor. With everything a feast should boast—from savory potatoes and gravy to warm, fresh-baked rolls—you’ll enjoy this delicious comfort food no matter the season.

Each dish is incredibly easy to prepare, with most requiring the simple addition of water and a few minutes simmering on the stove. If the ease of preparation and home-cooked tastiness isn’t enough, remember, this feast serves up to eight hearty appetites and will be equally tasty whether prepared today, six months from now, or several years from now.


Includes                                                            # Pouches         # Servings

Freeze-Dried Turkey                                          1                       8

Mashed Potatoes                                               1                       8

Turkey Gravy                                                      1                      10

Seasoned Stuffing                                              1                     12

Green Bean Casserole                                       1                      8

Honey White Rolls                                              1                      8

Pumpkin Pie Mousse                                          1                      8


Total Servings: 62

Pail Size: 4-gallon with handle

Shelf Life, Unopened: Up to 20 years*

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