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- Don's AR550 Active Shooter Response Armor Package Special

- Don's AR550 Active Shooter Response Armor Package Special

$ 444.55 $ 523.00

This is my personal AR550 active shooter package setup available now at 15% off. Offer is good for a limited time. This is a $523 package for just $444.55

1) Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Body Armor with Lightweight Sentry Plate Carrier with pistol holster, a double M4 mag pouch and a double pistol mag pouch..

The Sentry Plate Carrier is adjustable from Medium to XL

This active shooter kit set up is designed to allow quick response time and comfortable performance fit with superior Level III+ Rifle Rated Protection. This is the perfect set up for LEO and First Responders and anyone in rapid response situations. Carrier includes emergency drag handle, quick cinch adjustments for the front and hook and loop adjustments on the shoulders.

Package includes a set of two (2) Level III+ AR550 Shooters Cut Body Armor single curve plates with base coat. Your choice of color Sentry Plate Carrier. Black, OD Green or Coyote Brown

2) The  PASGT (US Personal Armour System Ground Troops) helmet is designed to protect against fragments / shrapnel and other ballistic threats; with improved comfort. Used by Military, Special Forces, Police and SWAT teams. Color Black
Compatible with chem/bio hazard masks

Note: No Shipping outside the continental United States


  • Based on the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops bulletproof combat helmet.
  • Pressed Kevlar Aramid ballistic resistant shell.
  • Adjustable 4 point harness system. Easily removed.
  • Leather headband for perspiration absorption and comfort. 
  • A crown mesh suspension system with plastic chin cup and quick release buckle or stud.
  • Large rear nape pad for helmet stability and improved comfort. 


  • NIJ Level IIIA in accordance with NIJ 0106.01 Standard for Ballistic Helmet.
  • Fragmentation Protection:V50 640 m/s in accordance with NATO Standard Stanag 2920 against 1.1g FSP (fragment simulating projectile)..

 Contractor: Protective Products - Contract Number GA-246C-03

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