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Drymate TCMC88100 Camping Tent Carpet Mat, 7'4" x 8'4"

Drymate TCMC88100 Camping Tent Carpet Mat, 7'4" x 8'4"

$ 62.25 $ 89.95

Add a layer of comfort and create a waterproof barrier with a Drymate Tent Mat. Lightweight and pliable, this mat rolls up quickly and easily for convenient storage.

  • Carpet-like material is comfortable to walk on and for sleeping.
  • Waterproof backing keeps you dry and warm.
  • Rolls up quickly and easily for convenient storage.
  • Stain-resistant and durable

All of our waterproof mats are made with Drymate material which has a soft, felt-like surface and a non-slip, waterproof backing. Our mats are thin – only 1/8” thick – but don’t let the thickness fool you. Due to the patented Zorb-Tech technology used in the production process, these mats hold a tremendous amount of liquid. The anti-flow property of the material traps and contains spills, preventing them from flowing onto adjacent surfaces while the thin construction of the mat allows moisture to evaporate quickly. The underside of the Drymate mat is coated with a special bonded backing that prevents moisture from seeping through, protecting surfaces below.

Key benefits of the Drymate material:

  • Waterproof backing prevents soak-through, protecting surfaces below.
  • Super absorbent top layer collects spills and messes.
  • Wicking properties keep moisture away from objects on top of the material, i.e., tools on our workbench mat.
  • Anti-flow technology stops spills in their tracks before they flow onto other surfaces.
  • Ultra thin material dries quickly.
  • Durable, with the correct care will last for years.
  • Can be cut to desired size without fraying.
  • Surface material responds well to color sublimation process, making customization easy.

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