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EmberLit Original Stove with Cross Bars

EmberLit Original Stove with Cross Bars

$ 43.00

A great stove and at just over 11 oz. it's a perfect fit for your pack

304 stainless construction. 6" high. Impervious to corrosion and is remarkably strong. Can hold the weight of any pot or pan that can sit without wobble. Weighs less than 11.3 oz. Packs flat to 1/8". Assembles in seconds. Stainless Crossbar Adapters included. No fuel required. Burns small sticks that can be gathered in the woods or on the trail. Ideal for backyard smores; camping; backpacking; canoeing; motorcycle/bicycle touring; river running; bushcrafting; wilderness survival; and disaster preparation. Comes with orange canvas storage sleeve. Hang packaged.

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