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Fast-Act Decon Survivalist Package

Fast-Act Decon Survivalist Package

$ 149.25 $ 169.00

Save $19.75 with the Survivalist Package. Package Contains:
(1) Fast-Act Decon Mitt
(1) Fast-Act Microfiber Towel
(1) 3Pk Fast-Act Masks
(1) 2Pk Fast Act Powered Bottle
Military grade sorbent decon systems
  • Developed under Department of Defense and U.S. Government and military agency contracts (DTRA, NSF, DARPA)
  • Over 10 years of deployment to U.S. military groups, First Responders, and HAZMAT
    • Recognized or Certified by ECBC, Battelle, OPCW, Cole Mines Technical Services, Lloyds Register (2014)
    • Aberdeen, Dugway, RDECOM, Argonne National Laboratory Fire Department
    • Safety evaluated by U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine
    • Popular Mechanics BREAKTHROUGH AWARDS Winners
    • Recognized by ECBC, Battelle, OPCW


    Package cost $149.25  Items sold separately cost $169.00

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