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FSEVEN™F7™ Battleware Technologies FSEVEN™ F7™ Level IIIA Helmet

FSEVEN™F7™ Battleware Technologies FSEVEN™ F7™ Level IIIA Helmet

$ 820.00

Spartan Armor Systems™ as partnered with Battleware Technologies, Inc. to now be able to offer a top tier ballistic helmet.

 Battleware’s FSEVEN™ F7™ level IIIA helmet is manufactured with unique processes that provide enhanced ballistic protection at a lower weight, improving comfort and mobility without sacrificing ballistic performance. As a standard, the helmet comes configured with state of the art retention and impact mitigation technologies and accessory interfaces. Additional accessories are available to support a variety of operational requirements.


Tested in accordance with HPW-TP-0401.01B against impacts of NIJ Level IIIA (9mm,.44 Magnum,.357 Sig). 
Tested to Mil-Std-662F for fragmentation performance in accordance with the ACH Helmet Test Procedure.

Suspension, Retention & NVG Interface:

  • Team Wendy® EPIC™ Pad Set
  • Team Wendy® CAM FIT™ Retention System
  • Wilcox® L4 Series Three Hole Shroud
  • Ops-Core® ACH-ARC Rails


Operator Cut around the ears and brow for unrestricted interface with communications systems, NVG’s, and weapon optics, with increased nape protection over the maritime cut.

Sizes and Weights:

Fits hat sizes under 7 1/4
Weight - 2.9 lbs**

Fits hat sizes over 7 1/4
Weight - 3.3 lbs**


Available in Black, Tan & Ranger Green


* Testing performed by a NIJ Certified Laboratoty. Test reports available under NDA upon request.

** Weight based on ViperF7 standard configuration

Team Wendy® is a registered trademark of Team Wendy. EPIC™ & CAM FIT™ are trademarks of Team Wendy.

Wilcox® is a registered trademark of Wilcox Industries Corp.

Ops-Core® is a registered trademark of Ops-Core, Inc.

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