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.MINI Emergency Tactical Personal Injury Kit (EPIK)

.MINI Emergency Tactical Personal Injury Kit (EPIK)

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The MINI EPIK is our smallest and most compact MOLLE pouch based Emergency Personal Injury Kit. Loaded with absolute necessities that could save your life. The MINI EPIK utilizes Celox RAPID which is a hemostatic z-fold gauze that is proven to save time in compression and wound packing in order to stop bleeding faster than other methods. Less than half the size and weight of our Tactical EPIK, the MINI EPIK conveniently rides on your plate carrier, rifle bag, or backpack with minimal interference while taking up less space than standard IFAK and Medical pouches. If real-estate on your platform is limited, our MINI emergency kit is a solid choice. Fully capable of combating severe bleeding from gunshot, knife, stab, or slash wounds in a compact package with minimal footprint.

The MINI EPIK MOLLE Pouch can be quickly opened via the zippers which fully expose the pouch internals. Front webbing acts as an attachment point for small pouches or a Tourniquet. The internal pockets are able to hold additional items of you're choosing which allow you to add you're personal touch. Elastic straps secure the medical gloves, and medical tape, while the Emergency Bandage and Swat-Tourniquet ride in the main compartment for quick access.

The MINI EPIK includes Celox RAPID Z-fold Gauze, Swat-Tourniquet (Swat-T), Thin-H Emergency Bandage, Waterproof Medical Tape, Medical Gloves, and the MINI EPIK MOLLE Pouch.

Each  Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) comes pre-assembled and ready for use. Rocky Mountain Readiness always recommends proper training and proficiency with your gear and all equipment you choose to use.

Weight: only 1lb
Dimensions: 4" x 4"
Thickness: 3"
Color: Black, Olive Drab
Tactical EPIK Contents:
• (1) Celox RAPID Z-fold hemostatic gauze
• (1) H&H Rugged Combat Tourniquet TK-4L 
• (1) H&H Thin-H Emergency Bandage (Compression Bandage, Hasty Tourniquet, Emergency Sling)
• (1) Waterproof Medical Tape - .5" x 2.5 yards
• (1) Pair Heavy Duty Black Nitrile Medical Gloves (Large)
• (1) AR500 Armor MINI EPIK MOLLE Pouch

We also recommend upgrading to the RATS Tourniquet available here for $15.98; purchase with kit and take  $2.00 off.

We recommend all our customers receive first aid training.

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