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QC Face Mask King's Snow Shadow White (front only - ear flaps)

QC Face Mask King's Snow Shadow White (front only - ear flaps)

$ 24.50

Gun Hunter Model: Designed with subtle contrast from light to dark with beautiful realistic detail in color and shadows that provide ultimate depth and clarity to match wintery conditions and snowy terrain. The power of Snow Shadow is due to the softness of the pattern created by subtle breakup. Finally a snow pattern that draws in the white colors but also balances out the soft breakup made by the underlaying vegetation.

Easy as 1-2-3
1. You simply wear QuikCamo™ with the mask tucked up into the hat.
2. Then after you've arrived at your favorite hunting spot, take QuikCamo™ off your head and shake the mask down.
3. Then you reposition QuikCamo™ back on your head...NOW YOU'RE READY !

All QuikCamo™ hats feature:
* Scent Bandit™ anti-microbial technology 
* Hides your shining face in just two seconds 
* Won't impair your hearing / eyewear compatible
* UV protection
* Quick drying / moisture wicking / breathable
* One hand operation

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