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RMR 24 Hour Emergency Kit

RMR 24 Hour Emergency Kit

$ 55.00

We've put together the best supplies and equipment to help survive a 24 Hour emergency or to take on that short road or camping trip. Perfect for emergency car kits. The basic kit is a $66.78 value for just $55.00

The Basic 24 Hour Kit includes:

24 Hour Meal Kit from 5 Minute Chef (1) Provides a hot breakfast, a filling lunch, a hot dinner meal, drinks for all day, and more. 1770 total calories

Fiber light Fire Starter (1)

Firebiner 5 function Carabiner and Fire Sparker (1)

A Genuine Mora Camp Blade (1) Random styles

Columbia River Eat'n Tool (1)

Add on these suggestions for additional gear to meet your specific needs

Berkey Water Purifier Sport Bottle

BOSS Fire Kit

BOSS Shelter Kit

BOSS Hunting/Fishing Kit

BOSS Land Nav Kit

BOSS Signaling Kit

Adventure Medical Weekender Medical Kit

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Don't forget a great flashlight


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