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SOG PowerLock EOD 2.0 w/Fuse Well Spike - Black Oxide Multi Tool w/Nylon Pouch

SOG PowerLock EOD 2.0 w/Fuse Well Spike - Black Oxide Multi Tool w/Nylon Pouch

$ 72.00

SOG's EOD multipurpose tools feature the only Compound Leverage blasting cap crimper, making crimping so much easier. Unlike all other designs, the crimper jaws are mounted on the opposite side of the plier head, inside the handles, allowing for an uninterrupted plier jaw and minimizing crimper/plier breakage. Now included with the EOD 2.0 is the fuse well spike that doubles as a glass breaker, industrial scribe, marlin-spike or center punch.

The addition of the patent pending V-Cutter to SOG tools opens up possibilities. Whether cutting seat belt, paracord, fishing line, zipping electrical cable sheathing, opening packages or stripping wire, the V-Cutter performs at a higher level, guaranteed!

Exclusive interlocking gears are the driving force behind SOG's renowned multipurpose tools, called Compound Leverage™. Allowing these amazing multi-tools to generate double the plier force of all other conventional designs- also allows the tool to open and close with a one-handed flip of the wrist.

Key Selling Features:
•Compound Leverage gears
•Fast one-handed flip opening and closing
•Removable comfort hand grips
•V-Cutter replaces Scissors
•Foldable 1/4" socket drive
•Nylon pouch
•100% stainless steel
•Lifetime warranty
•Made in the U.S.A.

Component List:
•Wire cutter
•Fuse Well Spike
•Partially serrated knife blade
•Phillips screwdriver
•Small/medium/large screwdrivers
•3-sided file
•Bottle/can opener
•Lanyard ring

•Open length: 7"
•Closed length: 4.6"
•Weight: 9.6 oz.

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